Municipal Division of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Missouri

Hon. Judge Tanner

Court Clerk Joyce Henson

City Attorney Carey Hansen



Send all mail & postal correspondence to

Richland Municipal Court

Post Office Box # 798

Richland, Mo. 65556


Court Clerk's Office

201 South Chestnut Ave.

Richland, Mo. 65556

Business Hours

Monday - Friday


Court Location

& Time

Courtroom @ City Hall

204 E. Washington Ave.

Richland, Mo. 65556

(Open on Court Days Only)

Court is generally held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 1:30pm.



(573) 765-3257

during normal business hours



Court Clerk


- Welcome -

The Richland Municipal Court is here to serve the Citizens & Visitors of the City of Richland through

fair and impartial hearings concerning alleged violations of Richland's City Ordinances.






Questions about court?

If you have questions concerning your rights in court or how to dispose of a case / ticket / summons,

please contact the court clerk using the contact information to your left.






Want to avoid an in-person court appearance?

Many types of cases can be "disposed of" outside of court,

by making a pre-payment of a fine, and do not require an actual appearance.



For information on making a fine payment, please click below:







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